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Posted on Lipiec 18, 2007



Some of the most popular features of torrentflux-b4rt are listed below. This list is definitely NOT exhaustive – there are a massive number of features that can be configured via the torrentflux-b4rt administration panel!

Feature List:

* Supports multiple internet transfer protocols
* Unified transfer control
* Transfer statistics and logging
* Uploading and injection of metafiles (.torrent, .wget, .nzb files)
* fluxcli.php – a complete command-line version of torrentflux-b4rt
* Fluxd – background perl daemon to perform scheduled tasks
* Integrated Filemanager AJAX updates for maximum info with minimal bandwidth
* AJAX updates for maximum info with minimal bandwidth
* Templating engine


As for limiting the number of active torrents a user can have at a time, that’s built into tf-b4rt. Use fluxd with the Qmgr module. That will allow you to set a per-user limit and a system-wide limit to the number of active torrents. When a user exceeds the limit, transfers are queued and will start when one of their other transfers stops. Keep in mind that admins can bypass this and start transfers at any time, regardless of the queue.

also try rtorrent

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