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Posted on Wrzesień 2, 2007


Biotech company Amgen Inc. said Tuesday that a U.S. Federal District Court in Boston ruled that an anemia treatment candidate from Roche infringes one of its patents.
Owing to SMART-1’s high resolution and favorable illumination conditions during the satellite’s scientific operations, data from Europe’s lunar orbiter is helping put together a story linking geological and volcanic activity on the moon.
Healthy, full-term newborn babies tend to lose weight during the first few days after their birth. A groundbreaking new study published in the latest issue of the Journal of Human Lactation explores the reasons why certain newborns lose more (or less) than others and what conclusions can be drawn from the research.

One of the greatest medical mysteries of our time has taken a leap forward in medical understanding with new study results announced by Dr. Daniel D. Rubens of Seattle Children’s Hospital. Rubens’ study published in Early Human Development found all babies in a study group who died of SIDS universally shared the same distinctive difference in their newborn hearing test results for the right inner ear, when compared to infants who did not have SIDS.

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