Death or serious injury

Posted on Październik 16, 2007


Death or serious injury are a frequent result of mountain biking. It
is inherently dangerous, because (1) trails are a part of nature, and
hence largely random and unpredictable, especially when you’ve never
ridden them before; (2) bike tires have a very small footprint (the
area where the tire touches the ground), and thus not enough traction
to stop quickly when on a steep grade or when going fast; (3) you
often can’t see very far ahead, and you have to keep your eyes on the
trail right in front of the bike (hence not far ahead), to keep from
crashing; (4) hiking trails are too narrow for a bike to pass a hiker
or another bike, without one of them getting off the trail; and (5) a
bike is often too quiet to allow a hiker to hear it coming.
Mountain Biker Crashes Into Rocks, Dies
(WCCO) Bloomington, Minn. A mountain biker was killed in Bloomington,
Minn. Friday afternoon while riding, said the Bloomington Police

Mitchell Lee Aleckson, 36, of Brooklyn Park, Minn., was traversing the
trails near Indian Mounds School with another rider when he apparently
lost control of his bicycle and crashed into a rocky streambed.
The accident happened about a quarter-mile from the trailhead on 11th
Police said he was not wearing a helmet. He was unconscious when
authorities arrived and was pronounced dead at Hennepin County Medical
Police said the investigation into the crash is closed.

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