Man on a String

Posted on Październik 16, 2007


Man on a String is one of the final examples of the „pseudo-documentary”
thriller popular during the postwar period. Ernest Borgnine plays a
Russian expatriate who is cooperating with the Soviets in a bid to have
his relatives released to the West. He comes to the attention of Western
intelligence services, who persuade him to act as an agent. From there
on, things get complicated. What’s interesting about this picture (which
is based on a true story), is the footage filmed in Berlin itself, still
a mess fourteen years after the war ended. The climactic chase through
endless blocks of bombed-out rubble comes across as if occurring in the
backwash of the Apocalypse. (Note that there are a good half-dozen films
and series with this title. This one is from 1960, directed by Andre de

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