The word quark was coined by Murray Gell-Mann

Posted on Listopad 7, 2007


The word quark was coined by Murray Gell-Mann in its present sense, the word having been taken from the phrase „Three quarks for Muster Mark” in Finnegans Wake by James Joyce
The three kinds of charge in QCD (as opposed to one in Quantum electrodynamics or QED) are usually referred to as „color charge” by loose analogy to the three kinds of color (red, green and blue) perceived by humans. Since the theory of electric charge is dubbed „electrodynamics”, the Greek word „chroma” Χρώμα (meaning color) is applied to the theory of color charge, „chromodynamics”.
He was the son of Dr. August Heisenberg, professor of the middle and modern Greek language at the University of Munich, Germany and Annie Heisenberg (née Wecklein). In 1937, he married Elisabeth Schumacher with whom he had seven children, including neurobiologist and geneticist Martin Heisenberg.

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