The Verkhovna Rada of the fourth (fifteenth) convocation amended the Constitution

Posted on Luty 11, 2008



The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Верховна Рада України; English: Supreme Council) is Ukraine‚s parliament. The Verkhovna Rada is unicameral and is comprised of 450 deputies and one chairman (speaker) which presides over parliamentary sessions. It meets in the Verkhovna Rada building in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. The Bolsheviks favoured federation with Russia, but lacking broad popular support within the UNR, convened a separate congress and declared a Soviet Republic of Ukraine (Respublyka Rad Ukrayiny) on December 25, 1917. Warfare ensued against the UNR, and a series of alliances and conflicts with anarchists and neo-haydamak bands.


The Ukrainian Bolsheviks fared poorly at first, being pushed out of Ukraine altogether, and having the government dissolved for two interludes lasting several months (being reformed on November 20, 1918, and December 21, 1919). Eventually, with the support of the Russian Army, the Ukrainian SSR ended up controlling much of Ukrainian territory after the Polish-Soviet Peace of Riga.

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