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Posted on Kwiecień 14, 2008


Franciszek Ryszard Mazurek

Born in 1951, in Wolawce

Graduated from:

  • Secondary Art School in Zamość
  • Advertising Study in Ciechanów nearby Warsaw
  • The Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, the Faculty of Fine Arts

Diploma in the Painting Studio of Prof. Mieczysław Wiśniewski, 1979
Occupation – a painter
A member of the Graduate Club of the Polish Artists Union since 1979
A member of the Polish Association of Arts Education since 1984

Individual Exhibitions

1987 – Chełm “Chełm in Painting” Regional Cultural Centre
Warsaw “Chełm in Painting” Warsaw Cultural Centre
Chełm “Chełm in Painting” Martial Cultural Centre
1988 – Lutsk (Ukraine) “Polish Landscape” the Gallery of the Ukrainian Arts Association
1990 – Warsaw “Volhynia – Four Seasons of the Year” “Behind the Iron Gate” Gallery in the Palace of the Lubomirski family
1991 – Lutsk (Ukraine) “Volhynia ” the Foyer of Dramatic Theatre on the occasion of the World Congress under the aegis of the UNESCO
1993 – Chełm “Painting” Garrison Club of Cracow Military District
1999 – Wojsławice “Wojsławice’s Landscape”
2000 – Wierzbica “The Beauty of County”
2000 – Chełm “Aut of the Town” the Garrison Club of Cracow Military District
2001- Chełm “In Autumn Colours ” The Garrison Club of Wrocław Military District
2002 – Hrubieszów “TheLublin Region – County Landscape” Hrubieszów Cultural Centre
2002 – Tomaszów Lubelski “The Lublin Region – County Landscape Continuation” Cultural Centre Tomaszów Lubelski
2005 – Radzyń Podlaski ”Podlasie and …” Gallery “Orangery
2005 – Chełm “Franciszek Ryszard Mazurek – Painting” the Chełm Museum
2005 – Zamość “Franciszek Ryszard Mazurek – Painting” The Garrison Club
2005 – Wrocław “The Borderland Climates” A showroom of the Śląski Military District
2006 – Lvov / Ukraine/ “Polish Landscape -The Lublin Region” The National Museum
– Art Galery in Lvov
2006 – Munich /Germany/ “Polish Landscape-The Lublin Region” A showroom
of Polish Culture Centre
2006 – Lyon /France/ “Polish Landscape-The Lublin Region” Espace Culturel Paul Ricard
2006 – Marseille, Lille,
Paris /France/
“Polish Landscape-The Lublin Region” /continuation/
2007 – Chełm “On the Way” the Chełm Museum
2007 – Montpellier /France/ “Polish Landscape” The Town Hall, Juvignac
2007 – Abu Dhabi
/United Arab Emirates/
“Polish Landscape” Dhaher Hall, The Abu Dhabi Authority
for Culture and Heritage
2007 – Montbéliard /France/ “Polish Landscape” Beurnier-Rossel Museum, Salle des Passions Montbéliardaises

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