emissions of pollutant, Equation

Posted on Czerwiec 25, 2008


There are five approved approaches to estimating emissions for prtr purposes. These are as follows:
Mass balance,
Fuel analysis or engineering calculations,
Sampling data or direct measurement,
Emission factors, and
An approved alternative.
Ei = (C * MW * Q * 3 600) / [22.4 * {(T + 273)/273} * 106]
Ei = emissions of pollutant i, kg/hr
C = pollutant concentration, ppmv,d
MW = molecular weight of the pollutant, kg/kg-mole
Q = stack gas volumetric flow rate, m3/s
3 600 = conversion factor, s/hr
22.4 = volume occupied by one mole of gas at standard
temperature and pressure (0°C and 101.3 kPa), m3/kg-mole
T = temperature of gas sample, °C
Actual annual emissions can be calculated by multiplying the emission rate in kg/hr by the number of actual operating hours per year (OpHrs) as shown in Equation for each typical time period and summing the results.